This feature-length documentary film is about a group of men exploring their vulnerable selves through a men’s group in North Idaho.
Eight men sit in a circle every Wednesday night, and fall and catch each other as challenges are faced.

The film portrays Chris, Robert, Wayne and Thomas who are on their individual journeys toward realizing their purposes in life.
Six months after joining the group, newcomer Chris frees himself from the burden of his estranged father, while the group’s oldest member, Robert, reaches for courage to embrace his relationship with his girlfriend. For Wayne and Thomas, the group is the ultimate support, as Wayne faces the loss of his business and Thomas faces the death of his father.

About Men is a special film. Like a pointillist painter, Maja Bugge rejects a broad canvas filled with abstract shapes about “men”, or “masculinity”, and instead looks close, really close, at the lives of men struggling to come to terms with what it means to be an adult in contemporary America. Anguishing and exhilarating, it is an important document of our time.

– Michael Kimmel, Ph.D, American Author and Lecturer on men and masculinity

Maja Bugge has produced a wonderful film about men and masculinity and men’s struggle to overcome fear and stereotypes about what men can, must and shall do in society. “About Men” is showing what we men can gain when we dare to express our feelings and approach our vulnerability (together). It is about brotherhood in the good way.

– Kenneth Reinicke, Ph.D, Danish Author and lecturer on men and gender equality