August 2013:

Boysen Hodgson from the Mankind Project USA interviews me about the film.

September 2012:

Owen Marcus from the Sandpoint Men’s Group and I talk about my experience of filming the group with coach Michael Taylor on the live show A New Conversation With Men.

June 2013:

Gregory Berg interviewed me together with Owen Marcus on the soon to be released film ABOUT MEN on the live Radio Enso.

We talk about how men are changing, how important and unique it is to share men’s intimate stories from the closed room of a men’s group, how challenging it can be to share your inner emotions and how women will get to know men in a new way through the film.

March 2014:

On the Danish Radio Show Radio 24syv (beginning at 09:49 min) we hear a few clips from the film, and I talk about the film right before the Danish premiere (in Danish).