The founder of the men’s group of my film, Owen Marcus, is blogging about letting me into their sacret circle. Read here.

Me and Owen Marcus were recently interviewed on the online radio show A New Conversation With Men about the experience of being behind and in front of the camera. Listen here.

Two days ago, I showed an excerpt of the film to a group of students and professors at my University. Afterwards, a young man came up to me and told me that he himself is part of a men’s group and how surpriced and amazed he was that the group of my film had actually agreed to open up their sacret circle for anybody to see. A woman also came up to me and told me how important my film is, and how we need to bring the conversation of the film into all spheres -starting with elementary school. She hugged me and thanked me for making the film. I can only pass on the appreciation to the men of the film, since they are the actual message and I simply the canal. However, as she reminded me, I introduced the film with a comment that hit the tension in an audience right on the spot: I said, “This is not a film that makes fun of men but a serious film about men, but if you feel like laughing that’s OK”. That comment did make the audience laugh, but no one laughed throughout the 15 minutes excerpt. In America at least, you need to be prepared for an audience feeling very unconfortable watching men exposing their vulnerability.

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